OptoGlo’s bright, attractive yard signs are beautiful during the day, festively lit from inside at night. They can make a graduation, birthday, anniversary, welcome home, or other events more vibrant and special.

OptoGlo solar signs are great for seasonal messages too. Just swap out your existing sign with a new printed insert and your message will remain timely and fresh.

Our solar signs are ideal for rental services and party planners for events like weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and community events – especially when outdoors and visibility is difficult.

Yard Signs

Available Products

24″ x 18″ Sign – $129

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Mounted Signs

Available Products

Single-Sided 36″ x 24″ Sign – $249

Single-Sided 24″ x 18″ Sign – $149

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Changeable Messaging

Available For Mounted Signs

24″ x 36″ – $60 per print

24″ x 18″ – $50 per print

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