OptoGlo Solar Signs Keep Your Messages Bright

Our technology is breakthrough and our signs are unique — they literally glow in the dark, without costing you a cent in electricity. But what makes OptoGlo a game-changer is its many benefits.

OptoGlo’s day and night visibility is unbeatable for driving customer traffic, promoting events, boosting visibility, gaining a competitive edge, enabling wayfinding, and improving safety messages.

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Illumination Time
Battery Backup


We set out to invent the first solar sign with curb appeal. No clunky solar array on top or unwieldy lighting structures. No plugs or wires. Longer visibility for less solar exposure. And instead of just shining light onto a daytime sign, we invented a sign that gives a bright, even, long-lasting glow from within.

OptoGlo’s unique patent pending solar-powered illumination technology means our solar signs are completely self-contained. The sign itself holds both the solar cell and illumination components within it — along with the battery that lets it shine for up to 6 hours and the sensor that turns the sign on and off.


OptoGlo’s A-Frame solar signs look great, go anywhere, and require literally zero set-up and break-down.

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These handsome signs provide a great way to stand out, whether you are selling a home or helping people find their way.

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OptoGlo yard signs let you get great visibility into the night in places where electricity is impractical or available. Its standout features are perfect for real estate work, contractor advertising, political or cause-related advertising, or celebrating special occasions.

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These signs mount easily to a wall, fence, pole or glass. Uses include safety signs at construction sites and buildings, traffic direction, helping people find parking areas, or for retail signage and promotional messaging.

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